Colie’s Closet is a non-profit peer education organization that works to spread understanding of depression and the prevention of youth suicide within our community.

Colie’s Closet uses proceeds from fundraisers and donations to pay for free counseling and therapy for depressed and suicidal youth.

  • Promote awareness of depression and suicide
  • Educate others about the warning signs of depression and suicide
  • Spread the word that it is okay to talk about and get help for depression
  • Donate funds to help students in the community receive help for depression
  • Save lives

We hope to serve as a role model so that organizations like Colie’s Closet can be started in other communities and in other states. Our dream is that our cause and effort will grow nationwide.

We are not a crisis intervention center, but we can help. We have a huge task ahead of us, but with your support, we will make a difference.