The Colie’s Closet 2023-2024 school year has ended. If you are interested in joining next year, please email us at

Who We Are

Suicide is a leading cause of death for Colorado’s youth and young adults.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

We are a peer-education group that goes into middle and high school classrooms in Boulder Valley School district to present on warning signs and risk factors of depression and suicide. Our aim is to educate youth about depression and suicide to prevent suicide.

Through education, awareness and prevention, we hope those experiencing depression and other mental illnesses will better understand how to get help and know they are not alone. Depression is treatable and suicide is preventable.

It is the belief of Colie’s Closet, that emphasizing educating teenagers, young adults, and others about depression and suicide is key to bringing down the suicide rate. Having knowledge about depression, knowing the warning signs of suicide and where to go for help will assist those who may find themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation.

The reality is … depression and suicide do not discriminate. They affect all age groups, genders, ethnic and socioeconomic groups, religions, and are nationwide problems.

In addition to education, Colie’s Closet helps provide financial assistance for therapy for depressed or suicidal youth through fundraising.

Students, if you would like to join Colie’s Closet please contact us at or fill out the interest form here!

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I Am Not Alone
By Kyle Kihn (former Colie’s member)

What was wrong with me I did not know
The days were long, the nights were slow
I feared of realizing my mortality
The light in this I could not see
I thought I was alone in this place
This problem I had, had no face
This problem I suffered for two year straight
I feared that I would meet my fate

The courage to seek help I could not find
I knew something was wrong with my mind
But the help I needed I eventually found
The problem I had was buried in the ground
Yet my mind was not quite put to ease
I thought I was the only one with these pleas
The only one to go to this dark place
The only one who had this case
But then I found people just like me
Who experienced what I thought only I could see

I learned that I am not alone
That for others this dark place was once their home
A tremendous weight was lifted from me
For the first time in years I felt problem free
This problem was a battle long
But now I use it for a different song
Reminding kids that whatever they have forgone
That they in fact are never alone

Mission Statement

Colie’s Closet is a non-profit peer education organization that works to spread understanding of depression and increase the prevention of youth suicide within our community.

Colie’s Closet uses proceeds from fundraisers and donations to pay for free counseling and therapy for depressed and suicidal youth.


  • Promote awareness of depression and suicide
  • Educate others about the warning signs of depression and suicide
  • Spread the word that it is okay to talk about and get help for depression
  • Donate funds to help students in the community receive help for depression
  • Save lives

We hope to serve as a role model so that organizations like Colie’s Closet can be started in other communities and in other states. Our dream is our cause and efforts will grow to be nationwide.

We are not a crisis intervention center, but we can help. We have a huge task ahead of us, but with your support, we will make a difference.

Hands of Hope and Inspiration | Created by youth at the 2005 Boulder Creek Festival | Quilt stitched by Peggy Underwood | Shown at the Colorado State Capitol building in 2007