About Colie


A Letter from Colie’s Mother:

Dear Friend:

My youngest daughter, Nicole (Colie), from all appearances seemed to have everything going for her. Colie was loving, caring, and sweet. She loved spending time with family, friends, and her boyfriend, Nick. Colie was employed as a nanny caring for two preteen girls and was attending College for Massage Therapy. She enjoyed her many travel experiences with family and friends. Colie was known by all for her love of music and her gifted singing voice. From elementary through high school she performed in school plays, talent shows and even sang the National Anthem during Homecoming of her Senior Year. She wrote, recorded and has copyrights to her song “Living on the Edge.”

At the age of 20 on New Years Eve 2003…Colie took her life. Marisa, Colie’s oldest sister and I found Colie hanging in her room. That memory will never be forgotten, the pain remains and our lives changed forever.

Why did this happen? Why did she hide her pain? Why didn’t we see the red flags?

Trying to make sense of it all, I researched the subject of suicide and its shocking statistics. According to NHSDA of the U.S. Health Department, in the year 2000 there were approximately 2700 suicide attempts each day for teens ages 12 through 17. Suicide claims the lives of over 100 young people per week in the United States. Drugs, health professionals, and hotlines help to deter suicide, but we must do more. It is urgent that depression and suicide prevention education reach elementary, middle schools, high schools and colleges. Depression is treatable and suicide is preventable.

Colie’s spirit lives on through Colie’s Closet, a nonprofit organization that will provide financial assistance and educational resources for the professional treatment of depression and suicide prevention. Your supporting Colie’s Closet will make a difference to helping at risk individuals live on. Thank you for your help.


Ange Michalski


From left: Ange, Colie